Make progress while enjoying the effort.

NEW from February 2022

Guests of all ages, with or without fitness experience, can look forward to our high-quality equipped fitness room. Whether you want to build up your muscles, strengthen your back and torso, regain or increase your flexibility, general fitness, breathing exercises or figure training, alone or in a group: together with you we will work out the training sessions that are exactly right for you.

Personal training and yoga can be booked additionally.


We often create separation by naming and evaluating what we do. In doing so, we often forget what it is really about. About integration. About connection. About balance.

It doesn’t matter how you name what you practice, as long as you practice and feel it. Connecting your breath to the movement and being there with your heart. It’s all about the experience. About experiencing what you are practising.

Go on a journey with your body and soul and discover sides of yourself that you have not yet consciously noticed.

In her classes, Julia combines challengingly intense and dynamically flowing movements with relaxed letting go and coming to rest.


  • Ashtanga Vinyasa
  • Anusara
  • Jivamukti & Yin

Prices and availability on request

Would you like to treat yourself to an extensive beauty ritual? An aromatic journey for the senses? And lots more?


Immerse yourself in the VILLINO SPA's sauna area! Complete with views of and access to the magnificent gardens.

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