You can either read poetry or enjoy it through wine.

Wine cellar

Wine cellars are always living testimonies to periods of time – a reflection of style, experience and knowledge. The VILLINO’s collection, which has been expanded year on year since 1992, is well-known far beyond the region’s borders.

Out of the VILLINO guestbook

»It was like coming home.«

»Tranquil, feeling at one with ourselves, inspired and grateful for this harmonious experience.«

»A jewel in the green countryside, an oasis of calm – thank goodness that the VILLINO exists!«

»We were looking for something special and we found it. Amazing! We had a fantastic time and felt completely at home!«

»Villa, style, ambience, service, cuisine! A dream, set in the perfect landscape.«

»It was summer at the VILLINO. It was a dream! It couldn’t have been better. Thank you.«

»So happy I’m speechless. We will come again!«

»A masterpiece of kindness and perfection for many years. It is always a joy to be here. «

Small refinements, new creations, composed with true devotion. The VILLINO kitchen serves the very finest indulgent foods.


The events are a feast for the senses – the VILLINO offers both informative and indulgent experiences throughout the year.

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